What is a body transformation?

In the world of strength training there are several specific goals, reasons why
people slave and sweat day-in and day-out lifting heavy things for the heck
of it (are we crazy?). Many of these goals are pretty much well defined and
understood by most as they’ve been around for a long time: gaining strength,
building muscle size, losing fat, improving performance, getting “in-shape”
(whatever that means) and, for most … making friends while pretending to
be training! To that list of objective we now must add body transformation, a
catchy term that is actually simple to understand. But before we get into that,
here’s a table describing the different types of goals that peoples who train
with weights may have.


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A real life story of a genetic anomaly – The Christian Thibaudeau’s story

There I stood, in disbelief. A look of horror covering my face as I looked at
a picture of myself, supposedly an expert in strength & conditioning; an
authority on how to get in shape, sharing more than a few resemblances with
the average great white whale! Hard to believe that I was actually … dare I
say it? Fat! After all, I make a living getting peoples into great shape, yet
there I was, reminiscent of our good friend the Pillsbury Dough Boy! “Damn
you dough boy” uttered I in disgust. My world came crashing down in a few

What was hard to accept was not the fact that I wasn’t a lean and muscular guy. I come from a family where adiposity reigns supreme. And myself having never been lean in my whole life, I had all but forgotten about one day getting a nice

six-pack. No, what was hard to accept was that I hardly looked like I trained at all! At that point I actually believed that I looked like a powerhouse;

after all I was lifting weights that most everybody would never even dream of lifting. But the reality was quite shocking: strong I may be, but powerhouse I wasn’t!

A thought suddenly entered my mind: how could I expect peoples to
follow my advice if I looked like hot fecal matter (notice the nice euphemism). After all, if my job is to get peoples in great shape, how come I wasn’t?

So that’s when I decided to consecrate three months of my life to getting into prodigious shape.

While I don’t feel like I have attained my ultimate goal (nor will I ever), I have achieved a physical transformation that’s nothing short of extraordinary, even by my own high standards. I lost more than 30 pounds of fat while gaining some muscle.

Going from 18% body fat (and that’s being nice!) to 5% body fat.

If I, a genetic blunder, can achieve such results and completely change my body in such a short time, so can you! I will show you how.

If you are fat and want to become lean and ripped we’ll show you how. If you are skinny and weak and want to become muscular and strong we’ll also show you how. Basically this is not merely a website: it’s a roadmap to the best body you can achieve!

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